System concept of socio-psychological rehabilitation psychoactive substance abuse

  • L. M. Lytvynchuk G.S. Kostiuk Institute of Psychology of NAPS of Ukraine
Keywords: systemic approach concept, rehabilitation, drug addict, phase rehabilitation program, sober life, the hierarchical block.


Solving the problem of drug addiction can only be comprehensive. Therefore, the study of the causes of drug addiction, social and epidemiological conditions of distribution, pathogenesis, its role in somatic diseases and heredity parallel with the improvement of existing and creation of new methods and rehabilitation programs for drug addiction.This article aims to reveal the essence of the system concept of socio-psychological rehabilitation of psychoactive substance abuse, which we have developed. System approach envisages implementation in practice of the basic rehabilitation technologies that contribute to the restoration of physical, mental and spiritual resource person and transition from the scope of possible recovery in the real sphere. Consistency in creating rehabilitation program of addiction patients should take into account all aspects of rehabilitation, due to which the patient of rehabilitation center after undergoing rehabilitation programs could return to society a full member. Successful compliance with these requirements defines the quality and duration of remission as a primary indicator of the effectiveness of rehabilitation measures. The idea of a systematic approach to drug rehabilitation is underlying concepts, which we develop on base of Narcological rehabilitation department of the Kyiv city drug hospital "Sociotherapy" and Khmelnitsky regional center resocialization of drug addicted youth.The main aim of our concept which underlies the system approach is to achieve complete abandonment of drug use, qualitative person changes, her family members, changes in relationships with the outside world and gaining spiritual experience.


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