The main determinants of the psychological health of the individual

  • N. V. Zhyhalkina Центр підтримки успішних відносин «ВМЕСТЕ»
Keywords: personality, the factorial structure of personality, health, physical well being, psychological health


The relation of personality to health is a system of individual election relations with various phenomena of the surrounding reality, contributing to or, on the contrary, threatening the health of people, as well as some evaluation of the individual's psychological or physical condition. Having all the characteristics inherent mental attitude, it contains three major components: cognitive, emotional, motivational and behavioral. Health studies contains a number of approaches: integrated, normotensive, phenomenological, holistic, evolutionary, socio-oriented and cross-cultural, discourse, axiological, acmeological. Despite a broad representation of health issues in science, these approaches have several significant limitations that makes it difficult to build complex models of the relationship of personality to health, its main components, corresponding to current scientific understanding of health as a psychological category. According to the results of empirical investigations of the structure determinants of the health of a person, the following structural components of health – "awareness" Level of experience" and "Subjective health assessment". Also the dependence of shared values and orientation of the individual achievements for increasing ability to sense their own state of health.


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