Professionally-pedagogical teacher’s activity as the object of analysis, estimates and prognosis in the expert investigations.

  • A. I. Yablonskyi Уманський державний педагогічний університет імені П. Тичини
Keywords: psychological assessment, vocational and educational activities, teacher, educational process trained, expert evaluation..


The article reveals the essence of the phenomenon of professionally-pedagogical activity, the author defines it as a unity of purpose, motives, actions (operations) result; determine the areas of analysis, evaluation and forecasting expert studies. Modern scientific and psychological study of any subject of educational activity involves psychological analysis of its professional competence. The term combines the three main aspects of the phenomenon of pedagogical work, teaching activities, teacher communication and teacher personality manifestations, which are considered some procedural parameters (or blocks) of such competence.Methodological basis of the psychological expertise of education in particular, its quality is the competence approach, which involves the study and presentation of educational process from the standpoint of whether or not certain teacher competencies defined professional standards of training. Among the main features of professional teacher activity the author distinguished: diagnostic, prognostic, structural, organizational, communicative, didactic, research. These functions are specific implementation in key aspects of the teacher and their realization depends on the level of professional skill. The given the characteristics above defined functions of professional teacher activity the object of analysis, evaluation and prognosisof the expert studies may be as the work of the teacher in the classroom as the other areas of its work well. It is shown that in the psychological expertise of the professionally-pedagogical activity analyzes key components of the educational process are as follows: the plan; goals and objectives; understanding of the results, methods of recording and evaluation; content of education (training), that educational outcomes, which aims at a teacher. Based on observations and analysis (understanding) of teacher the expert determines which educational outcomes of a child the teacher seeks to achieve.In the process of conducting of the psychological expertise of the professionally-pedagogical activity, it should be noted that the last – a socio cultural phenomenon whose main function is to broadcast to students of a certain system of competence or knowledge, skills, experience, values and other social and spiritual culture.


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