Recommendations for the development of professional thinking the cadets and of officers police CPD

  • V. Ye. Lunov O.O.Bogomolets National Medical University
Keywords: professional thinking, problem-methodological and problem operative level, cogitative errors.


The article explores the recommendations on becoming and development of the professional thinking of cadets andofficers police CPD. In connection with the existence of objective obstacles to the implementation of training technologies into educational process and psychological training of the personnel of the City Police Department, it is proposed to implement a modular approach to the training education. Training work is recommended to guide the development of sensitive, predictive, and role-playing abilities and qualities of professional thinking.The psychological features of cogitative errors are examined in CPD. A mental error we examine as a result of actions of personality, inadequate to the aim that is begun with incorrect interpretation of problem (situations) and choice of ways on the methods of her decision put in a certain situation. This requires, first of all, interaction with the subjects of OSA, is associated with role-playing repertoire operative.The typology of cogitative errors of officers police CPD is complemented.


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