Volition as the systemically important factor of personality development

  • A. K. Brovchenko Харківський національний педагогічний університет ім. Г. С. Сковороди МОН України
Keywords: systemic approach in psychology, system-forming factor, volition and freedom, volitional self-regulation, the need in overcoming, volitional qualities, development and formation of personality


The article analyzes the concept of system-forming factor in the psychology and issues with the problem of its uncertainty. The concept of volition and volition self-regulation as the systemically important factor in the development of personality and the formation of its specific structure has been considered.The need in overcoming internal and external obstacles which is inherent for the living beings, especially, for animals and for the humans to the greatest extent at different levels of their needs has been described. An attempt to combine the philosophical concept of freedom and its direction with the manifestations and features volitional self-regulation has been made.


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