Implementation of personaly oriented training in educational process of educational institution as a management problem

  • T. N. Khlebnikova Харківський національний педагогічний університет ім. Г. С. Сковороди МОН України
Keywords: innovation, innovative technologies, personally oriented education technology, subjective experience, management, the implementation algorithm of personality oriented training technology, qualimetric model, parameters and criteria


The article describes the management features of the implementation of personality orientated training in the educational process of a general educational institution, are uncoverd the basic aspects of the solutions to the problem, is outlined the content of administrative activities of the head of the institution for the implementation of modern teaching technology, an algorithm for managing of the introduction of innovative educational technologies in educational institutions is suggested. Qualimetric model is designed to monitor the quality control of reasech subject. The parameters and criteria for evaluation of the management quality of implementation of personally oriented training technology in the educational processes of educational institutions.


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