Experience of building the typology of individual styles: diagnostics of adaptation and compensator mechanisms

  • S. L. Chunihina Институт социальной и политической психологии НАПН Украины
Keywords: стилевой тип, саморегуляция, адаптация, компенсация


The article proposes a typology of individual styles, formed on the basis of experimental diagnostics of adaptive and compensatory mechanisms. There are six style types: dominant-aggressive, dominant-friendly, subordinate-aggressive, subordinate, friendly, indifferent to friendliness, indifferent to domination. Identified links between different parameters of individuality, characteristic of each style type. In particular, the effectiveness of adaptation and self-regulation of "dominant" types does not depend on the activity of psychological defenses, while in other respondents protective mechanisms play an important role in the formation of adaptive potential and self-regulation of behavior. For "aggressive" types, a specific "symptom complex" of defenses was revealed and the significance of operations connected with the extraction of feedback from experience, in ensuring effective self-regulation of arbitrary behavior, was shown. It is shown that the integral parameters of self-regulation serve as the compensator of operational defects of self-regulation in all style groups, except for "dominant" ones.


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