Research of visual perception (view field) in adolescents with ICP

  • D. V. Kirillov I.I. Mechnikov National University
Keywords: adolescents with ICP, view field, visual distortion of space, time of visual-motor reaction, length of visual-motor reaction, lowered the upper eyelid, involuntary movements of the eyeballs, pathological process localization in CNS.


. In the article there are considered the questions concerned with the problem of space perception and disorders analysis that occur in cases of view fields narrowing (loss) in adolescents with ICP. The view field is space that an eye perceives on a fixed look and head position. Sometimes in the literature there is found a concept of «peripheral vision». Pathology of the nervous system is the main reason for the narrowing (loss) of view field. In adolescents with ICP (about 20-30% of cases) there are notedthe strabismus, diplopia, eye movements coordination disturbances, lowered the upper eyelid (ptosis), involuntary movements of the eyeballs (nystagmus). These features of the visual analyzer lead to defective and in some cases to a distorted perception of objects and phenomena of the surrounding reality [6]. The distortion of the world picture on the perception level entails the deformation of the methods and products of thinking and imagination. Visual narrowing of the space perception is one of the basic mental functions because the vision is the leading channel for getting information about the external world. Therefore the compensation of visual perception development defects seems to be a very important task for the full development of adolescent, the formation and implementation of training activities, the successful adaptation of adolescent to the surrounding physical and social environment.


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