Psychological features and ethnic tolerance expressions of Ukrainian ethnic identity

  • I. V. Danyliuk Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev
  • V. V. Gresko Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev
Keywords: ethnic identity, manifestation of ethnic tolerance, Ukrainian ethnic identity


In this article it was analysed the basic provisions concerning the definition of ethnic identity. The article is  analysis of the problem of ethnic identity and its basic mechanisms. The factors of formation of ethnic identity are explained. The structure and main types of ethnic identity were studied, it was defined  the forms of their transformation. The features of ethnic identity expression as an important component of socialization and as a leading factor of further development of the personality, its productive functioning in society are provided.This empirical study that identifies the type and severity levels of ethnic identity, determines the characteristics of its manifestation in modern Ukrainian youth.The article deals with the concept of ethnic tolerance, its essence and basic structural components. There are the main features and specifics of its manifestation.This  empiric research determines the manifestation of ethnic tolerance of the Ukrainian youth, features of structural components of ethnic tolerance and their relationship. There was discovered the relationship of ethnic tolerance level with the ethnic individual identity.In the article there is the problem of strengthening Ukrainian identity based on ethnic formation of ethnic tolerance.


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