The positive summarized effect of the creative life-orientation phenomenon

  • A. A. Ivanchenko V.N. Karazin Kharkov National University
Keywords: creative life-orientation, spirituality, psychosomatics, Self-organizing Psychological System


The means of internal reserves activation include the positive extra-ordinary manifestations of the human psyche phenomena – creativity, giftedness, empathy, attraction and others. At that, a special significance possesses the disclosure of the natural person’s creative life-orientation (i.e. of the creative life-orientation, abbreviated – CLO) as a given ability, being a priori embedded in the human organism like a natural embryo – its virgin resource existing from his birth.  For the first time it was done the following. The psychological essence of the CLO, the conditions and the dynamics of its manifestation were revealed. The CLO conception and its integral structure were elaborated. The functional-operational CLO model was created, according to which the CLO (as a personal phenomenon) has a multi-level system-forming structure, consisting of a hierarchy of interdependent and interrelated components – spiritual, need-motivational, emotional-attractive and organizational-schematic-structuring. Just the «spiritual embryo» really inflates the personal needs, predetermining the fact of their progressive or destructive aiming and life focus. The unity of these components causes the activation of the integral synergistic mechanism for fulfilling the intrapersonal, interpersonal and existential functions, which analysis (i.e. their roles and effects produced on the human life) builds the integral CLO conception. The author’s program (for the creative life-orientation activation in the process of subjects’ interaction during their educational and professional activity) is developed and the innovative technology of its manifestation is tested in the framework of the teaching «Self-organizing Psychological System», by the linguistic education example. A positive relationship between the person’s creative life-orientation, spirituality and psychosomatics has been established. The developmental-correcting role of the creative life-orientation has been empirically confirmed, as well as the anti-stress function in the process of personality’s self-establishment and self-development has been revealed. The positive influence of the psycho-philosophical ancient oriental arts/techniques on the organism self-healing (in the process of person’s life activity and the CLO disclosure as well) were also revealed: all these techniques perform the health-improving, anti-stress and protective-regenerative function.  


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