Sanogenic thinking as a factor of stress-coping behavior

  • N. S. Yarosh V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University
Keywords: stress, stress-coping behavior, coping, the resource approach, reflection, sanogenic thinking, sanogenic reflection, personality


The paper is devoted to the analysis problem of stress-coping behavior personality in terms of the resource approach. An author analysis the sources of stress and does an accent on pathogenic thinking. The definition of the concept sanogenic thinking is given and the way of its attainment through sanogenic reflection described. The author gives in the article the analysis of the influence sanogenic reflection on the personality. The study was constructed using a formative experiment. The author examines coping behavior, the degree of manifestation stress and psychological defenses, and also the degree of development of sanogenic thinking. The forming experiment is built on the course of training in the practice of sanogenic thinking (Yu. Orlov). The results of the correlation analysis are presented, which proves the qualitative influence of sanogenic thinking on the stress-coping behavior of the personality. 


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