Analysis of dynamics of projections of archetypical figures after influence of social changes

  • M. L. Didukh Kyiv Institute of Contemporary Psychology and Psychotherapy
Keywords: analytical psychology, archetypes, projections, masculinity, ethnic unconscious


The article examines the dynamics of projections of archetypal figures of 130 Ukrainian respondents in comparison within of 2011 and 2017. The method of amplification was used.Karl Jung has discovered a certain structural organization and classification of archetypes. For example the first of these is traditionally the archetype of Persons, the term borrowed from dramaturgy - the social mask that a person wears to appeal to the world. At the level of the individual - it is primarily awareness and introjection of a social or professional role. Considering this archetype at the ethnic level, it manifests itself as an awareness of a certain community of people of their role in the world context, and decision-making in accordance with this role. The Ethnical Archetype of Persons includes such an integral part of the ideal Self - the image of culture, those actions and features of character that their carriers consider to be valuable, reference. In 2017, there was no mention of the designated old characters since 2014, while the projections of Persons were directed to other historical figures that were not mentioned in the previous study. They are also perceived positively, to the forefront are the motives of the struggle and power.In modern psychological science, there are active attempts at empirical research and the confirmation of the theoretical postulates that were advanced within the psychoanalytic paradigm. That is why the problem of projections of archetypical figures, as a component of the ethnic unconscious, is investigated in this paper.The purpose of this study was to identify the dynamics in the projections of the archetypes of meaningful figures in Ukrainian respondents. The necessity of this study was due to the fact that in the 2014-2017 years in Ukraine there were active social changes - the Revolution of Dignity, ATO, strengthening orientation towards European integration. These events could have some influences to the content of the ethnic specificity of archetype projections and mythology.In conducting a comparative study of the projections of the archetypes of Person, Shadow, Anima, Animus and Great Old, the following tendency was observed: the strengthening of the masculinization of the ethnic unconscious, the true reduction of the motives of death, illness and suffering was the simultaneous strengthening of the ideas of power, power and victorious struggle. A separate tendency is to increase the projections related to childish fairy-tale characters, which may be a manifestation of the myths of death-revival inherent in the Ukrainian ethnic unconscious.The direction of further research will be the study of the dynamics of mythology under the influence of social changes and injuring events.


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