The doctor and the patient: relationship modus

  • A. P. Lantukh National Pharmaceutical University
  • N. F. Merkulova National Pharmaceutical University
  • G. O. Solomennyk National Medical University
  • O. I. Mohylenets National Medical University
Keywords: the doctor, the patient, Hippocratic oath, humanistic values, ethical code


The article addresses the problem of the doctor and the patient, beginning with the medicine of  Hippocratic model up to the present time. The authors analyze the transformation of the relationships between the doctor and the patient beginning with ancient times up to the classical medicine requirements and then to nowadays, trace minimization of these relationships and disappearance of their humanistic potential, necessary and so essential for whatever medicine model.The idea of solidarity between colleagues was the integral element of the profession traditional interpretation. Belonging to the profession presupposed the necessity to observe the rule which today is characterized as corporatism. It means that medics were in agreement not to compete, but to give a support to each other. Such loyalty between colleagues might, however, turn out harmful for those whom they had sworn to serve, that  is their patients. For instance, doctors’ refusal to raise the alarm over cases of their colleagues’ incompetence or corruption indicated   deformation of the notion of medical professionalism.Though nowadays innovative medical technologies increase the distance between the doctor and the patient, humanistic doctor – patient relationship will always be an effective modus of their cooperation for the patient benefit.


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