A psychological feature of implication of reliable authentication of students of humanitarian and technical specialties

  • I. O. Kotyk Vinnytsia Institute of Economics and Social Sciences of Open International University of Human Development «Ukraine»
Keywords: reliable authenticity of identity, authenticity of the formation of a reliable specialist, reliable types of authenticity, value attitude to the profession


In the article is an attempt to determine the authenticity of the psychological characteristics of reliable humanitarian and technical areas of professionals. Based on the results of the pilot study to identify common types of secure identity and the authenticity of the valuable relation to a trade, the world, life. It was found that the formation of a reliable authenticity of the person associated with the adaptation; orienteering; structuring; goals; existence. It is noted that the process of psychological support specialist provides reliable authenticity of the work in two directions. The first direction methodological and substantive. The second direction of the analytic. Reliable authenticity of the individual person's ability to control, protect and develop their mental space based on the generalized experience of successful autonomous behavior. It is a form of human subjectivity and allows various forms of spontaneous activity to implement its requirements. The opposite pole of the construct can be labeled as unreliable. Reliability is manifested in the experience of his own self and his own authorship being (individual confidence that it operates in accordance with their own desires and beliefs), feeling their relevance to spatial-temporal values and circumstances of his life that it creates or receives. Characterized by insecurity and instability of personality experience subordination, alienation, fragmentation own life and is characterized by difficulties in finding objects environment, with which a person identifies himself, feeling "on foreign soil" and not in his time. Reliable authentic identity is evolutionary and social system established quality individual, which is essential for its proper functioning and development. Thesis there is determined the following levels of study quality as syper identity, normal (moderate) reliability and unreliability disbalancing. Unlike the traditional understanding of the manifestations of autonomy and independence, who remained inside intrapsychological paradigm we consider reliable authenticity as state borders psychological space. The psychological space of the individual in the context of our work is being subjectively meaningful piece that defines the current activities and lifestyle of the individual, which includes a set of physical, social and psychological phenomena with which the person identifies himself. In particular, identified the following dimensions: physicality, social norms, personal standards (limits), personal space, their own way, social networks, tastes and values. Reliable authenticity determine individual limits as psychological (cognitive, emotional and behavioral) markers that separate sphere dependence of one person from another. The limits determine the identity of the person are equal interaction tool and choice of outside influences, designate boundaries of personal responsibility, determine the specifics of personal security. As violations and support the limits fixed in the «self-concept» and is reflected in the objective human behavior.


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