Acmeological model of a gifted student as a whole person

  • O. I. Vlasova National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv
Keywords: talent, education socialization, development of gifted students, acmeological system оf lyceum


On the basis of theoretical analysis the article conceptualizes the basic characteristics of a successful life and socialized personality i.e. his humanity, wisdom, openness to the broad social experience, creativity, autonomy and subjectivity, courage and temperance, justice and transcendence as the orientation of human social behavior cultural, moral standards and spiritual development  which together ensure the implementation of broad social interests of a talented individuals and others; identifies a number of organizational and methodological principles on which should be based the activities for gifted education institutions to facilitate the successful socialization of such persons and the achievement of success in life; The results of an experimental study of optimal conditions for effective educational socialization and the development of the whole person gifted students in a specially created аcmespace of  Lyceum are submitted.


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