Peculiarities of the need existence at the teenage age

  • S. Maksymenko G. S. Kostyuk Institute of Psychology of NAPS of Ukraine
Keywords: genetic-modeling method, psychologies of the teenager, personality development, crisis phase of the teenage age


The actual realization of a new methodological position (to understand a personality as an existing and self-developing unit), application of the genetic-modeling method of the research, the substantial analysis of the personality theories and empirical data allow to open essentially new aspects of the consideration of the personality as an object of the scientific study. There is established the valid initial basis of the personality existence and self-development ("a unit") which acts as a special life-building essence – the need, which is an inconsistent and "multilayer" entity of biological and social sources and contents of experience. A leading direction of the need action – Another person, – sets absolutely another understanding of both the person's life essence and laws of its genesis and existence (realization). The quintessence of the need, presented in the consciousness of the person, is the experience of love to the other person whom, globally motivating the personality, defines it’s "beginning" and "continuation". The questions, traditional for the personality psychology, of its structure and formation are examined in the book in the context of the leading methodological paradigm; they open new ideas and patterns. The teenage age can be named easily the favourite object for the research of the age psychology. And the matter is not only in the scientific interests. This period is very “significant” in the life of any child. It represents a long and problematic transition from the childhood to the adulthood. Children are essentially changed during several years, and these changes are many-sided and multifold, are not limited by the physical maturing only, nor by the accelerated development of any mental function or their group as it was on the early stages of the becoming of child’s personality. At this age changes everything, and the changes begin with personality: the further becoming of its structure takes place. Because of this reason the given age is always in the center of attention and it is fixed in all the systems of periodization of the child’s development, and nevermind how different they are, and on the basis of what methodological bases they are created.


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