Problem of potential in personal structure

  • O. Lytvynenko Odessa I.I. Mechnikov national university
Keywords: personality, activity, life path, resource, potential, disruptive, preadaptive


The article is devoted to the analysis of the problem of the potential and actual life of the individual and the main types of potentials. Potential and relevant as the specification of the philosophical categories "possible" and "real", are interdependent categories, the potential under certain conditions becomes relevant. In science there are two historically formed traditions of studying the activity of personality. According to one of them, emphasis is placed on the exercise of anything, the impact on the object, the transition of activities to objective results, its products. In relation to another tradition, attention is focused on the subject of an activity that has a complex psychic structure, according to which he acts as the initiator of the activity or its simple performer, adapts to or exalts external circumstances. Any potential of the individual shows the state of the system at a given moment and possible prospects for its development. In science distinguish professional-personal, creative, characterological, personal, innovative, adaptive, communicative, organizational, entrepreneurial, spiritual-moral and other kinds of potential. Particular attention is paid to the preadaptive and disruptive adaptive potential of the individual.


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