The concepts of cultural-historical theory of Vygotsky and Jungian psychic phenomenas in theory’s paradigme of personality development

  • E. Bojarshynova The Independent Association of Psychologists
Keywords: development, zone of proximal development, selfhood, ego, cycle, mental structure, personality, biopsychosocial model


The article deals with the understanding of personality development’s process, the prerequisites of creating a universal theory of development in modern psychology, the concepts’ role of cultural-historical theory of L. S. Vygotsky and its central concept of "zone of proximal development". Examines the communication model mental, created by K. G. Jung and the zone’s model of proximal development of  L. S. Vygotsky. Consider the provisions’s union of cultural-historical Vygotsky’s theory with understanding of Jung’s mental structures as a prerequisite for the formation of a universal theory of development based on a biopsychosocial model.


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