Assessment of the biostatistics basics knowledge of the students of higher medical educational institutions of Ukraine

  • H. Inshakova Bogomolets National Medical University


The paper presents results of the survey aimed to determine the level of the knowledge of the Basics of Biostatistics of the students in higher educational institutions of Ukraine. The following items were described: the attitude of students to the subject, their opinion on the feasibility of further study of Biostatistics for the formation of their skills, utilization mathematical apparatus in practical and scientific activities. The questions of combining studies and work, fatigue by the end of Biostatistics classes were highlighted.  The level of mastering of the subject of the class and the methods of parameters calcultion were reviewed. Students’ opinion on the adequacy of time and effort that they are making, as well as the necessary time to prepare for classes were studied. The forms, methods and ways of the learning process were established. The students’  suggestions on the improvement of the quality of Biostatistics training were analyzed. The causes of dissatisfaction with the educational process were studied. The problems and gaps in future doctors’ Biostatistics training were tackled in order to improve the curricula and develop appropriate teaching and methodological means for teaching the subject.


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