Legal framework for reforming health care

Keywords: reform; health; public health; law; state; politics; healthcare


Marked, that the inalienable constituent of the general integration process is world and European legal integration which foresees gradual rapprochement and harmonization of the national legal systems. Established, that Ukraine after the proclamation of independence searches an own place in the European integration processes. By the main direction of the foreign policy of Ukraine and it is acknowledged a strategic course entering into European Union. Therefore the key element of successful eurointegration of Ukraine is the adaptation of the Ukrainian legislation, that achievement of the certain level of coordination of the Ukrainian legislation with the modern European legal system or bringing to the conformity of legislation of Ukraine is to the standards of right for EU. Sphere of guard healthy it is not an exception. The statistics presented in the article are indicative for assessing the overall health situation in Ukraine in recent years, unfortunately, they are negative. The basis of the study was the data obtained during the online voting. The basic question which darted out on voting was such: «Do you see experience in the introduction of a public policy of maintaining healthy how straight spheres of guard healthу? To respondent two variants of answer were offered: First: «Yes, is direction health a maintenance can be effective in search of facilities, methods, and methods of making healthy of an organism of healthy man, in a  preventing and warning of diseases, rehabilitation, and care of patients». Second: «No, does arrange me, an existent model of guard health it is needed to be oriented on the treatment of illness necessities of the patient». In 2018 (March) 65 respondents took part in voting. From the «yes» did 59 respondents answer the first question - 91%. Did 6 respondents answer not to a second question  9% .  Approximate age of respondents 18-50 years they have higher education or obtain it in higher educational establishments. The article presents the main legal acts that formed the sphere of health protection and ensured its reformation from the first years of Ukraine's independence. This approach allowed the author to allocate three periods of health care reform in Ukraine. The first, from 1991 to 1999, is characterized by the post-Soviet vision of the prospects for the development of the health sector, the outdated structure of management and the material and technical base of the industry, the lack of attempts to radically мodernization the industry with the use of modern scientific achievements. This period can be conventionally called stagnant. The second, from 2000 to 2013, began with the adoption of the Concept for the development of public health care of Ukraine's population and the approval of the Concept of the National Program «Health ‒ 2020: Ukrainian Dimension» in 2011. Some research papers substantiate the reformist approaches to solving the problems of the industry, but they do not supported neither by the authorities nor by political parties and have a purely theoretical character. Sphere has suffered corruption, and the said Concept and Program have been declared. This is a period of conceptual understanding of health policy and its components. The third period began in 2014 (and continues to this day) with the adoption of a number of normative acts and the Government's adoption of the Concept for the Development of the Public Health System. This document laid the foundations for a new philosophical rethinking of the goals, objectives and parameters of the state health policy and the course of health care reform, which has become man-centered. The focus of the healthcare system has shifted away from the policy of treatment to the policy of strengthening and preserving human health and society and preventing diseases. This period can be called - focused on health.


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