Optimization of the national legal system in the context of the European vector of human rights development

  • N. Onishchenko V.M.Koretsky Institute of state and law of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Keywords: legal system; human rights; sources of law; the task of the legal system; functions of the legal system; European vector of human rights development.


The article is devoted to the present stage of development of the national legal system in the context of its ability to perform certain tasks, to recreate the functions necessary in the given spatio-temporal dimensions, to provide the necessary requirements for effective legal regulation. It is clear that a democratic legal system must effectively protect human rights and freedoms, reproduce and implement the rule of law, and ensure the "quality" of the law in national law. It is the legal system that must implement the provision that a person has the highest social value. The quality of the European legal system is to protect universal values, cultural heritage, in particular, and law-cultures. It should be noted that under the conditions of a democratic state of law, the "person-state" will undergo significant changes. These relations are not intended to provide for one part of society a greater degree of freedom than for another; in this case it is necessary to speak about state power, which ensures conditions of freedom for all members of society, all citizens of the state. Freedom is provided to the people only when the people really organize, without any interference, unions, assemblies, legislates, elect at their own will all officials of the state, who are entrusted with the implementation of laws and democratic governance on the basis of these laws. As you know, the sovereignty of the people is formed in a democratic legal system. Under such conditions, the people have all the fullness and supremacy of power. Authorities created, subjugated to the people, are elected and controlled by them. Only under such conditions is freedom of people. The people are equally interested in the freedom of the individual and in the normal functioning of the state bodies that ensure the rights and freedoms of man, in particular their European context. The rights and freedoms established by democratic state power are exercised in the interests of all citizens and each individual separately, which is guaranteed by a democratic legal system. The national legal system is a permanent partner of the self-improving person. She is an active and active supporter of freedom, physical, spiritual and cultural development of man. Moreover, the wider the political positions, the more successful the state performs the social function. The specificity of such relations is that a significant part of them is regulated by law. On behalf of society, it is a special political organization, a state, and the person in these relations acts as a citizen. It is with the help of the right to establish an appropriate balance in the relationship "state - the person", provides the legal status of its participants, the necessary guarantees for the exercise of their rights and the performance of their duties. Considering the relationship of the state, the rights and freedoms of the individual, it should be noted that there are rights and freedoms that in no case should be limited - these are natural rights and human freedoms. This is above all the right to life, honor and dignity, as well as the choice of place of residence, freedom of thought, conscience and religion, and so on. The main content of many legal guarantees of human freedom is to provide the necessary conditions for a normal life, active activity of citizens in society. To this end, the current legislation should be systematically updated, timely updated, legal forms and methods of protecting the rights of citizens should be improved, and citizens' participation in debating draft laws, as well as in their adoption and implementation, should increase. These are the main tasks of a functionally capable legal system.


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