Study on formation of ethnicultural socialization of youth in higher education bodies

Keywords: youth; educational process; socialization; student age; students; student youth; social process; ethno-cultural environment; ethnocultural socialization; ethno-cultural socialization of youth.


The article deals with the problems of socialization of youth in the pedagogical, philosophical, sociological, psychological, and cultural context. A comparison of scientific approaches to the peculiarities and factors of the socialization of student youth is made. The peculiarities of becoming a student's social maturity in the process of studying and upbringing in a higher educational institution are revealed. Sources of influence on formation of ethnocultural socialization of students are considered. The article presents for the first time the conditions of successful ethnocultural socialization of students in the educational process. The results of the social process on ethnocultural socialization of student youth are established and the characteristics of the influence of the components of the educational process are given. The author's position is to broaden the concept of "ethnocultural socialization of youth".


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