The place of discipline “Improvisation and contact improvisation” in the system of higher choreographic education of Ukraine

  • L. Khotsianovska Kyiv National University Culture and Arts
  • H. Perova Kyiv National University Culture and Arts
Keywords: Art education of Ukraine; higher chorographical education; teaching method; improvisation; contact improvisation.


In the article at the first time the author approach as for the method of teaching the discipline “Improvisation and contact improvisation” is given and justified on the high theoretical level including those processes which occur in the measures of higher humanitarian and art education, which influence on the work of higher educational establishment in the sphere of culture and art, which are responsible for the ensuring the person-creativity and professional formation of those who acquire the degree (qualification) of a bachelor, obtaining at the end of the diploma of the teacher of choreographic disciplines, assistant choreographer. The goal of the article is open the author approach to the theoretical analysis and the characteristics of methodical support of the discipline “Improvisation and contact improvisation” in the context of preparation the bachelor of choreographic profile at the higher educational establishments on the example of Kyiv National University of Culture and Art (KNUCA). This goal is realized in the following tasks: firstly, the definition of the theoretical status, the logic of the structure and the structure of the discipline, secondly, presentation and justification of teaching methods of “Improvisation and contact improvisation” though the prism of professional preparation of classical dance specialist in the modern conditions, and thirdly, in fact, the definition of the place of this course in the system of preparation of bachelors (on the basis of work experience at KNUCA). The author position lies in the development of such method of the pointed discipline which firstly, based on the synthesis of innovation and fundamentality, secondly, makes grounds for complementarity of the course as for the complex of disciplines of normative and selective blocks on the chorographical faculty and thirdly, corresponded to the requirements of professional development and mastery of students, mastery of the main methods and forms of pedagogical leadership of the choreographic team, the main approaches to the development of individualized learning strategies, helped master the theory and method of performing improvisation and contact improvisation, as well as acquiring practical skills in this direction. It is established that this approach corresponds to the principles of the priority and importance of the creative aspect of the stage-executive professional training of bachelors-choreographers and does not contradict the cultural orientation of their professional activity.

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