Strategic directions of credit activity of banks in the conditions of economic instability

Keywords: credit activity; credit policy; loan portfolio4 strategic vector; risk; yield.


The article is devoted to strategic directions of credit activity of banks in the conditions of economic instability. The financial crisis in the country creates the need to develop strategic lines of lending activity for individual banks as well as for the whole banking system as a whole. We believe that the methodical tool for studying the lending activity of a banking institution should not only provide the possibility of the bank's development in the coming years, but also in the long run. This is a priority task of the bank, since in the absence of stable economic development, the competitiveness and adaptability of the institution to internal and external destabilizing factors decreases. The urgency of the topic lies in the fact that the effective implementation of credit activity is one of the important measures, the quality of which depends on the financial results of banks. Modern conditions of activity related to the complexity of determining the effectiveness of lending in a conflict of interest situation of counteragents of a loan agreement, the impossibility of predicting the actions of borrowers in different conditions of economic development and information insufficiency, put forward the need for comprehensive, thought-out and sound management decisions. The results of the research of the statistical material characterizing the development of the modern banking system are presented. It was established that during the last year, banks continued to gradually increase lending in the national currency. The article analyzes the dynamics of the main indicators of bank lending by the beginning of 2015-2018 years. The author's position is that the reason for a slight increase is the orientation of the domestic banks' credit policy to stimulate domestic demand in the market. It has been determined that effective lending activity of banks in Ukraine can ensure the recovery of the financial sector and restoration of the growth rates of the real economy sector of the country. The author's concept of improvement of credit activity proves that it is the basic condition for maintaining favorable credit potential and efficient functioning of the bank. For the first time initial provisions are presented, the basis for building the entire credit process of any banking institution. The expediency of developing a scientifically based unified credit risk assessment methodology, which in general should cover both qualitative characteristics of credit risk and schemes for the identification and calculation of quantitative characteristics, is singled out. The conclusion is made on the necessity of developing a strategic vector of credit activity of Ukrainian banks, namely: organizational and economic mechanism of bank lending; alternative methods of risk assessment of lending activities of banks; organizational - functional model of providing effective lending activity.


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