The role of international treaties of Ukraine in determining the origin of the child

  • O. Shevchyshyn Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
Keywords: bilateral international treaty, determination of the child's origin, personal law of the child at the time of her birth.


The article examines the role of international treaties of Ukraine, which are used in determining the origin of the child. The current bilateral treaties of Ukraine are analyzed and particular attention is paid to the study of the content of individual treaties. The article finds that far from all the contracts contain norms regulating the determination of the child's origin - only sixteen of the twenty-eight valid bilateral treaties of Ukraine, fourteen of which were concluded during the years of Ukraine's independence. The author first attempts to classify international treaties of Ukraine in determining the origin of the child according to various criteria. The article establishes and substantiates that the legislative approach regarding the use of the term "determination" of the child's origin, rather than the term "establishment" of the child's origin, is the most clear and successful in the legal regulation of family legal relationships.


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