Theoretical aspects of legal regulation of consumer’s rights protection in the countries of the European union

  • O. Starytska National Academy of Internal Affairs
Keywords: consumer’s rights protection; European Union; law, directives; alternative method of resolving disputes; the EU Court.


In the article analyzed European Union legislation, which shows that the subject of regulation of normative legal acts has a high level of differentiation. This is become the reason of need to distinguish the main groups of legislative acts of the European Union regarding the sphere of protection of consumers' rights by the substantive criterion: 1) acts on protecting the financial interests of consumers; 2) foodstuffs legislation; 3) acts regulating contractual relations, etc. It has been established that the law of the European Union is divided into primary law (establishes the aims, principles and tasks of the European Union, their jurisdiction, the procedure for the formation and functioning of the institutions, the terms of membership) and secondary law (formed on the basis of the primary, regulates the relations between the European Union members and are obligatory for all individuals and legal entities of the European Union member-states). The norms for consumer protection are contained both in primary and in secondary law. As a result of the revision of European Union normative legal acts, some negative features were identified, namely: there aren’t clearly defined terminology, especially the term “consumer”, the list of consumer rights and obligations (mostly contained in the national legislation of the European Union member states and chaotically outlined), the legislative base for the isolation of a legal institution for the protection of consumer rights. Also, a number of positive features were found, namely: there are consumer standards of the legislative framework and their integration into the domestic national legislation of the European Union member-states, the developed consumer education system, the protection of consumer rights by state and non-state bodies, and the implementation of the general consumer policy by the European Union member-states.


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