Theory and practice of professional vocalists training in postsecondary institutions of Ukraine

  • T. Cherneta Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University
Keywords: vocal; vocal school; performance; education; postsecondary institution.


This article discusses Ukrainian vocal art in the aspects of performance and education. The author focuses on theoretical and practical foundation of performance mastery formation in singers within the art institutions of higher education in Ukraine. The author examines the process whereby the competent tutors of vocal are made in the context of contemporary information space. There is a necessity to rethink the established views on the cultivation of vocalists within the process of education and implement novel pedagogical technologies, methods, revaluation of underlying principles, scientific approaches, outlining of essential conditions, and so forth that are targeted at the preparation of specialists the present-day society demands. Contemporary tendencies of providing professional training for vocalists bring to light the integrality and mutual dependency of the process of professional mastery formation and training of the university students for the practical activity under present conditions. This requires new forms and methods of professional formation of the future singers. Along with theoretical and practical foundations of higher professional education for vocalists of academic and popular directions, modern tendencies in education were also elucidated. The point at issue here is distance education, namely, vocal schools online the spread of which can be traced to the worldwide level. While searching for the information on such practical training activity in the sphere of vocal art, the accessible Internet resources were thoroughly studied, in particular, the websites of vocal schools and tutors. The author considers a vocalist-performer as an artist-interpreter capable of creatively think through the authorial text and realize it in the product of his or her activity. Consequently, the concert activity of the singer on the training stage and in professional work is the special kind of creative activity of colossal meaning for composer, performer, and listener alike. Therefore, the question of possibility to fulfill educational tasks by means of distance learning in the sphere of vocal art is being raised. The author defined the advantages and disadvantages of distance learning of vocal techniques. The conclusion was made regarding the degree of professionalism acquired from such kind of education. Moreover, the opinion was ventured dealing with the necessity of using video courses for covering practice-oriented disciplines in higher music education for commercial purposes as part of professional guidance or university admissions process.


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