Psychological features of adaptation space of a personality

  • O. Lytvynenko Odessa I.I. Mechnikov national university
Keywords: personality; adaptation space; adaptive potential; adaptability; competence.


The article analyzes the results of the empirical study of the peculiarities of the adaptation space of the person, considered as a single, integral, integrative reaction of the organism, aimed at supporting its activity in a changing environment. Adaptation possibilities of the individual in many respects depend on the psychological characteristics of the individual, which exactly determine the possibility of adequate regulation of the functional state of the organism in various conditions of life and activity. Adaptation potential as a complex integral characteristic of the adaptation space of the person contains a complex of adaptations, which ensures its ability to adapt to changing conditions of the external world, actively interact with external influences and a stable level of functioning. The following adaptations are identified - "Intolerance adaptability", "Behavioral adaptability", "Competency adaptability", "Personal adaptation potential" and "Lack of maladaptation". The sample was appropriately differentiated from respondents who were aimed at successful adaptation and those who were not able to adapt to new and changing conditions. Prospects for further research include the study of a holistic adaptive capacity system.


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