The relationship of conscious and unconscious: psychodynamic approach

  • T. Yatsenko Cherkasy National University named after Bogdan Khmelnytsky
Keywords: the conscious; the unconscious; guilt; Oedipus complex;


The article reveals the dynamics of energy coexistence of two spheres of the psyche. The objectivatively energy priorities of the unconscious and the interdependence of both spheres of the psyche, in particular: the conscious through sponsorship of its energy; the unconscious - through giving him forms of expression in behavior. The difficulty of knowing the semantics of the unconscious is expandabling, in view of the archaic heritage ("Oedipus", "guilt") and the trace effects of displacements (fixations), which synthesized in the pre-consciousness, lose their straightforward connection with the primary factors. It is proved that the semantic parameters of the manifestation of the psyche in its integrity are known in the conditions of ensuring the spontaneity of the activity of the subject in the groups of ACPC. The analytical-dialogic interaction of a psychologist with a respondent explains the archaisms of the manifestation of Oedipus and the fault of mediation of visualized means (reproductions of paintings). The content of the article, in combination with fragments of empirical material, proves the effectiveness of deep psycho-correction, which is carried out according to the requirements and norms of the psychodynamic paradigm.


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