Intellectual and creative development of a pupil 's personality in the process of educational activity (theoretical and methodological aspect)

  • S.D. Shakura State Educational Institution "Academy of Postgraduate Education"
Keywords: developing training; individual learning activity of a pupil.


The article deals with the problem of intellectual and creative development of an individual in the educational process; it is paid attention to the peculiarities of organization of educational process, directed to formation of individual learning activity of a pupil.Intellectual and personal development of a pupil as a subject takes place in the process of formation of individual learning activity, which involves the pupils to possess as learning actions(goaldefinition, transformation, modeling, designing, control, assessment, correction) and meaningful actions (analysis, planning, reflection, generalization).For the implementation of individual learning activityit is also required general educational skills (writing, reading, counting, ability to work with a textbook, etc.). In other words, we can say that educational activity is an activity on self-change of own knowledge and skills, its result – those increments which occurred during its implementation in the intellectual self-development of the subject. The essence of these changes – to acquire by pupils new abilities in the process of mastering some other ways of actions with the system of scientific notionswhich the pupil learns. The formation of individual learning activity of pupils occurs only with properly organized training, which is based on such methodological provisions as training in zone of proximal development, activity forms of training, communicative collective-distributed type of learning activity; the leading role of theoretical knowledge in determining of learning activity content; focus of control and evaluation activities on the formation of reflective control and adequate self-assessment. In the system unity of these provisions communicative-activity approach performs integrative function. It provides formation of individual learning activity of pupils and, as a result, their intellectual and creative development.


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