The structure of professional attorney’s consciousness

  • O.A. Hulbs Pavlo Tychyna Uman State Pedagogical University
  • O.V. Kobets Pavlo Tychyna Uman State Pedagogical University
  • V.V. Ponomarenko Interregional Academy of Personnel Management
  • A.D. Turyanskіy Interregional Academy of Personnel Management
Keywords: professional consciousness; attorney; legal activities


The problem of studying consciousness has been quite relevant and significant throughout the lifetime of psychology, since it is the consciousness that builds the inner picture of the world and forms a semantic representation of reality, performing the reflective, regulatory and instrumental functions of the human psyche. Consciousness arises and forms in the process of regulation of social activity and allows a person to set himself a certain goal, to isolate himself from the outside world, to determine his attitude to the objects and phenomena of the outside world. The objective necessity of successful socio-economic development of the Ukrainian society, the task of formation of the state of law, implementation of a complex of measures related to the implementation of legal reform lead to an increase in the role of professional   attorney, their responsibility for the results of their activities. The professional consciousness of   attorney is a special phenomenon of modern reality, the study of which is possible only with a thorough analysis of it as a theoretical and legal construction. Proceeding from the approaches developed in psychological science, in some cases, this kind of consciousness can be regarded as a set of views, ideas, theories, representations and feelings of a group of people with a certain status of a   attorney, with respect to the law, current and desirable. In others - as a "reflection of legal reality" by   attorney in the process of carrying out their professional activities. Features of the content of professional consciousness of   attorney should be analyzed, based on the following elements: professional knowledge, attitude to the profession, skills of professional behavior


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