General psychological theories of development, study and education

  • S.D. Maksymenko G.S. Kostiuk Institute of Psychology of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine
Keywords: theories of development; study and education; personality; genetic psychology


Presentation of the chapter from the book by Maksymenko, S.D. (2018).  Psychology of human learning: genetically-modeling approach. Kyiv. The monograph considers the personality, its sources, structural components and its inward world in terms of genetic psychology. The principles for construction of experimental genetic and genetically-modeling methods as the most adequate for explanation of laws and mechanisms of appropriation, formation and development of human abilities and genesis of personality development are presented for the first time. Genetically-original units of various abilities and “needs” as sources for stimulating activity of individual (Latin: Vis vitalis - vital power), its deepness and initial unity (synthetic character) (Latin: Vis vitae - vital force) that constitutes the personality are presented. The following fundamental analysis is made: -       theory of learning as a way for development and self-realization of personality; -       study as a public form for management of learning and personality development; -       learning as a direct and by-product of study. The following specific peculiarities for needs (in vital force or vital power) were found: -       energy informative virtues of human in onto- and phylogenesis; -       genetic psychological problems, as well as personality structure were fixed; -       sources and driving forces of personality activity were proved (presented); -        fundamentally new personality structure, its forecast for development and life way; life (existence) of human; realization of love and needs and motivational regulators for life way of personality inward space


Maksymenko, S.D. (2018). Psychology of human learning: genetically-modeling approach. Kyiv

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