Research of psychological features of future doctors emotional sphere

  • O. Lazurenko Bogomolets National Medical University
Keywords: emotional sphere; emotional competence; professional training; professional development; future doctor personality; professional becoming of specialist; formation of emotional sphere and competence


The article is focused on the theoretical synthesis and empirical results of the investigation to determine the psychological characteristics of the future doctors’ emotional competence formation. The analysis of Research of Psychological features of future doctor emotional sphere in the context of professional development is present. Development of emotional sphere and the formation of emotional competence of doctors’ is one of the areas of professional formation. Psychological and pedagogical components forming emotional competence of future medical worker are studied. The article discusses studies of the formation of the emotional sphere student. The components of emotional competence (cognitive, social, regulatory, empathy), and their importance in physician’s professional activities were studied. The psychological characteristics of the emotional sphere of future doctor students in connection with the professional orientation are analyzed. The scientific understanding of the emotional sphere development of future specialist doctor was presented. It provides a new perspective on the problem of place and role of emotional competence in the structure of physicians’ professional activity.

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Lazurenko, O. (2018). Research of psychological features of future doctors emotional sphere. Fundamental and Applied Researches in Practice of Leading Scientific Schools, 27(3), 253-257.