Student theater in the professional training of future teachers: personal and action approach

  • L. Lymarenko Kherson State University
Keywords: student theater, professional training, future teacher, personal and action approach, organizational and pedagogical conditions


The article is devoted to one of the topical problems of higher education, namely, the usage of the student theater in the system of professional training of future teachers on the basis of personal and action approach. The author considers for the first time that the student theater as a form of artistic and pedagogical activity is focused on personal development, improvement of creative abilities of future teachers, formation of professional self-sufficiency by means of multilevel artistic and pedagogical communication in the system of higher pedagogical education. The article substantiates the expediency of using the fundamental personal and action approach in the functioning of the student theater in the professional training of future teachers. The paper suggests the description of psychological and pedagogical components within above-mentioned conceptual personal and action approach. This article deals with personal and action approach that provides the most effective organization of artistic and creative activity of the future teacher with its transfer to the position of the subject of self-knowledge. Within personal and action approach, the structure of self-development of the individual is formed, in which the main elements are the subject and the nature of the artistic and pedagogical interaction. It is established that successful activity of the student theater on the basis of personal and action approach is provided by the corresponding organizational and pedagogical conditions that have an influence on the goals of teaching, methods, forms and means of organizing the educational process, as well as mutuality with the educational, artistic and creative activities of the teacher-supervisor and students of theater. The author's position is that the functionality of certain organizational and pedagogical conditions is focused on: creation of the appropriate educational artistic and creative environment; dominance and active usage of theater training technologies in the educational process of the student theater; subject-to-subject interaction within multilevel communication of student theater; sequence of activity of the student theater in the professional training of the future teacher. It is proved that abidance of mentioned organizational and pedagogical conditions contributes to the professional formation of a specialist in the process of acquirement of the multilevel artistic and pedagogical communication of the theater on the basis of subject-to-subject interaction, during which the future teacher becomes a creator in a vital and professional activity.


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