Projects management in the formation of a new model of education management of the combined territorial communities under the conditions of decentralization of power in Ukraine: definitions and aptness of implementation

  • N. Lіubchenko State HEI «University of Education Management»
Keywords: decentralization, decentralization of education management, united territorial community, New Ukrainian school, projects management, management of project process, portfolio project management, event management, cluster, civil council


The article reveals the relevance of the problem of education management under the conditions of decentralization of power in Ukraine,there we analyzed and compared the system of concepts on projects management, project cycle management, project portfolio management, cluster approach, and event management. The ways of implementation of the project cycle management technologies built on the basis of integrated and logical-structural approaches, in the management of the education of the united territorial community are proposed. The author's position is to apply the cluster approach in the system of management of education and methodical service and proposals for determining the role of public council in the local executive body of the united community.


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