Competitive development of subjects of the agri-business: theory and practice

  • O. Mandych Kharkiv Petro Vasilenko National Technical University of Agriculture
  • S. Kalinichenko Kharkiv Petro Vasilenko National Technical University of Agriculture
  • T. Duyunova Kharkiv Petro Vasilenko National Technical University of Agriculture
  • O. Sekovoy Kharkiv Petro Vasilenko National Technical University of Agriculture
  • A. Mykytas Kharkiv Petro Vasilenko National Technical University of Agriculture
Keywords: competitiveness, logistics, marketing, efficiency, agribusiness.


The necessity of practical use of the definition of "competitive development of subjects of the agribusiness" were proved and determined in the work. The theoretical essence of this concept allows it to be understood as a type of development, which, while maintaining the necessary level of economic efficiency and improving market positions in a competitive environment, is capable to shape the potential of increasing the competitiveness level in the long run through the use of strategies and the instruments of management strategies which oriented, first of all, on the formation of competitive advantages. It was proved that the provision of competitive development is possible through the introduction of strategic management tools, which suggests an understanding of the strategy as an integrated model of a specific long-term development direction. The principles of the formation of strategic management, which include guides of activity, both in the internal environment of the enterprise and in the external, were generalized and formed on the basis of the integrated methodological approach; approaches to managing competitiveness through the formation of certain competitive advantages; levels of adaptation of separate approaches and models, which will differ according to the fields of activity of the subject; general strategies, which are specified for the specifics of individual situational approaches in functional and operational load; a methodological approach based on the formation of strategic zones of economic activity of the subject of agribusiness, as well as on obtaining competitive advantages through the use of various innovative strategies of agribusiness. The concepts of generation, implementation, realization of strategic management of competitive development of subjects of the agribusiness were substantiated on the basis of the use of elements, components and tools of the possibilities of introducing logistic and marketing activities to the main production and commercial activity of economic entities in the field of agrarian production.


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