Modern E-commerce as the basis for the development of transport and logistics providers in Ukraine

  • Y. Popova State University of Infrastructure and Technology
  • O. Shkurenko State University of Infrastructure and Technology
Keywords: e-commerce, logistics providers, Online store, the index of network readiness, e-economy.


The article examines the state of e-business and prospects for its further development. A number of problems that complicate the use of e-Commerce in Ukraine, namely legal problems, fraud, risks. It should be noted that the underdeveloped legal component contributes to the spread of fraudulent transactions carried out with the help of stolen card details; the appearance of the shops, completely disappearing from the market after a successfully executed fraud, the fictitious shops intended for gathering information about the cards, and thus the emergence of psychological factors - buyers appear to distrust the conduct of consumer transactions via the Internet. The role of e-Commerce in the activities of transport and logistics providers is also highlighted. For successful strategic management of the online store it is profitable to use the services of intermediaries: outsourcing companies with the necessary experience in receiving calls and orders; a professional courier service that will fulfill its obligations much better than others. The calculation of e-business contribution to the gross domestic product growth is proposed. The relationship between the components of the network readiness index and the contribution of e-economy to GDP growth is analyzed. Countries with the most developed infrastructure, high rates of individual use of network resources and developed regulatory environment loyal to market conditions have more efficient e-economy.


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