ProUkrainian mental maps' development for information safety's providing of Ukrainian citizens

  • S. D. Maksymenko Институт психологи имени Г.С.Костюка НАПН Украины
  • M. M. Nazar Институт психологи имени Г.С.Костюка НАПН Украины
Keywords: mental map, information safety, information war, Ukraine.


The fundamental role of the patriotically oriented mental maps is underlined in forming and providing the Ukrainian citizens' informative safety. Being as a cognitive-reference base of national self-identification, mental maps plug in itself the descriptors of its basic evaluative models and function as instruments of cultural reference's realization. Mental maps open up by the system of personality structures, genetically-psychologically involved in national self-identification. Psychological determinations of the Ukrainian national ideal's different aspects are given, historical-psychological determinants of the Ukrainian mental identity's specific is grounded. The concepts of information safety and information war are described. The different levels of national interests are determined, the system aggregate of such interests, cooperant development of pro-Ukrainian mental maps, and also information safety of the Ukrainian citizens, is offered. Concrete informative-psychological instruments are offered for achievement of the proper aims. The context of aggression's application is examined in an informative sphere which outgrows in war in the case of one of conflict's sides' wideuse against the informative weapon's opponents. The analysis of weapon’s informative-psychological’s varieties testifies both to the extraordinary danger and variety of it’s kinds and about a danger and variety of ductings of his influence – from mass medias to people’s consciousness’ and subconsciousness’ technologies and affecting facilities, that uttery dangerously in connection with practical absence of controls these processes. The most meaningful rules are also underlined propagandas, used at informative struggles. A modern informative fight is analyzed as carrying complex character, including the use of heterogeneous forces for achievement of informative superiority as global purpose. Components of informative war, usually providing it's effective realization, are selected. Most components and forms of informative war are shown which Russian Federation actively used in relation to Ukraine in 2013-2015.


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