Requirements to the labor market to the competences of specialists in foreign countries

  • T. Stoichyk Kryvy Rih Professional Mining and Technology Lyceum
Keywords: vocational training, vocational education institution, EU countries, competence, competitive specialist, labor market


In the article the author examines the influence of the management of training of professional staff on the quality of vocational training in the countries of the European Union (hereinafter - the EU). It has been determined that the effectiveness of the management of the institution of vocational education (hereinafter ZPO) depends on the adequacy of the management structure for those processes that are taking place in society. The functions of the labor market in the information, intermediary, consulting, pricing, stimulating, reserve, improving and regulating aspects are considered. The importance of a competent approach in modern vocational education is emphasized, which facilitates the transition from orientation towards reproduction of knowledge to its practical application; on such a concept as professional development. Examples of professional training of future skilled workers in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, and the United Kingdom are provided. The author outlines the general-didactic and specific principles of professional training. Among the peculiarities of the development of vocational education in foreign countries the development of communicative technologies is identified, the goals of communication and informatization development are determined. Information and communication products and services are considered necessary for the life of society. The main driving force behind the changes taking place in the business environment is human apital, its knowledge, skills, motivation, readiness for change, and innovative thinking. The conclusion is made about rethinking the role of training and personnel development processes to ensure sustainable development of the enterprise. In particular, the author considers the worker as a "training client", which has its own needs, preferences, and its vision of what is happening.


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