Marketing problems of kosher production in Ukraine

  • O. Tymchyk Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University
Keywords: religious demand, Judaism, consumption


Ukrainian producers, selecting a segment of consumers on the basis of religion, should estimate its capacity and growth prospects. Nowadays, the consumption of kosher products in the countries of the world continues to grow. However, the study of domestic market of kosher products in Ukraine raises the problem of its prospect for domestic producers. The analysis of articles dedicated to the kosher production in Ukraine allows us to identify a number of problems in this area. Based on data, collected in the process of secondary marketing research, the author has come to the conclusion that the number of Jews in Ukraine is decreasing, in the same time the tradition of purchasing kosher products by non-Jews has not been formed. The complexity of the requirements for the production technology, the problem of promotion of kosher products, the low purchasing power of the population of Ukraine allows the author to make the following conclusion: the domestic market of kosher products in Ukraine in the next decade will not be perspective. In this industry, producers should use local micromarketing focused on Jewish religious communities, Jewish educational institutions and Hasidic pilgrim groups. At the same time, the author believes that in the marketing activity the supporters of healthy eating are the most perspective group. The author also supports the thesis that the Ukrainian agrarian sector has natural competitive advantages and a large export potential in the production of kosher products.


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