The mediation by reproductions of artistic canvases in the deep knowledge of the psyche

  • T. Yatsenko Cherkasy Bohdan Khmelnytsky National University
  • L. Halushko Cherkasy Bohdan Khmelnytsky National University
Keywords: archetype, fault, active social-psychological knowledge (АSPK), deep knowledge, dialogue, psychological protection, integrity of the psyche (the conscious / the unconscious), presenter, representant, information equivalent


The training of specialists, whose profession is related to direct contact with other people, requires attention in the aspect of their personal psycho-correction. In our time, the most common are social studies, which are oriented to the development of certain forms and behavioral skills. In the context of the psychodynamic approach (developed by a group of Ukrainian researchers), the center of attention are the cognitive preconditions of communication, which are influenced both by the conscious and the unconscious sphere. The study's orientation on the knowledge of the psyche in its integrity requires consideration of the fact of the functional asymmetry of the conscious and unconscious. The research is based on the possibility of uniting these two spheres in the addition in the process of deep knowledge of the objectified means (which are close to the language of the unconscious) and providing a dialogic interaction between the psychologist and the respondent. The content of the article proves that, under the above conditions, the procedural diagnostics, in accordance with the portions and multilevelness of the dialogic «pas» of the psychologist with the respondent, is provided in the groups of the ASPK. The empirical material represents the possibility to verify the dynamics of the entrance of the external world's factors in the inner. The next stage relates to the translation of the representation plot, which is revealed in a dialogical form, through the use of residual traces, that acquire a semantic (motivational) activity. Dialogical psychoanalysis (presented in the article) confirms the effectiveness of diagnostic-correctional work through the drawings.


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