Dialectics of medical and society interaction: development prospects

  • A.P. Lantukh National Pharmaceutical University
  • N.F. Merkulova National Pharmaceutical University
  • G.O. Solomennyk National Medical University
  • O.I. Mohylenets National Medical University
Keywords: Hippocratic model of medicine; self-regulatory and preventive model of medicine; predictive medicine; preventive model of medicine.


The article reveals that on the basis of modern interaction of medicine and society, the nature of human’s disease is increasingly determined by social causes, so the Hippocratic model has already been worked out and the transition to a self-regulatory and preventive model becomes relevant. However, modern society more and more requires genetic engineering. It is interested in genomic analysis, gene therapy, and hence the issue of genetic safety is becoming even more acute, especially in aspects of identifying the risk factors for genetic pathology and preparing recommendations for their prevention. Therefore, in the depths of self-regulatory and preventive model, predictive medicine emerges as a protection of human life that prevents the risk of disease and the transmission of diseases to subsequent generations. This encourages further transformation of medicine model, namely, the preventive. In comparison with preventive medicine, it has a larger volume, more filled with social content. Preventive medicine must prevent unwanted illnesses; respond instantly to all technical inventions that are directly related to the person, protection and preservation of his health. Therefore, precisely in preventive medicine some efforts of not only physicians can and should be merged, but also of other specialists: physicists, chemists, biologists, philosophers, theologians and other specialists.


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