Implementation of the optimization program for the development of social expectations of personality (Illustrated by an example of the project «Leader’s School»)

Keywords: social expectations of personality; optimization of social expectations; psychocorrection of social expectations; project «Leader’s School»; model of the expected future.


The article presents the full cycle from development and implementation to the complete coverage and analysis of the results of the program of optimization of the development and psychocorrection of social expectations of personality, by an example of the project «Leader’s School» for the first time. A retrospective and comparative analysis of the project implementation experience is presented. The essence of stages of program development is revealed, psychological content parameters of social expectations of personality are investigated. A considerable amount of psychological content parameters, related to the motivational structure of the personality, sense of life orientations, subject control and exspectometric features has been analyzed. The program has been implemented, which has contributed to the positive dynamic changes in cognitive and behavioral readiness for the intended course of events, which in turn allowed the participants of the project group to be able to assess the future perspective, comprehend the content and organizational peculiarities of future professional activity, «take on the role of future work», which made adjustments to social expectations of the subjects, and affected the design of the expected future model. It was assumed that a significant proportion of students turned out to be unprepared to rapidly change their status, which was reflected on the level of social psychological peculiarities of the expected attitude of the individual towards participants in interpersonal interaction (Tp=16,00; Tn=44,00; p≥0,05). It is established that the process of formation of emotional readiness requires long-term external interventions. The author’s position is that the developed program for optimization of development and psychocorrection of social expectations of personality has become an effective, guided tool for solving a number of important social economic problems of the present, which lie in the sphere of interaction «institution of higher education – professional activity».


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