The adaptation directions in the structure of the personality potential

  • O. Lytvynenko Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University
Keywords: personality; individual level; personality level; behavioral level; adaptive potential; dominant mood.


The article is devoted to the results of an empirical study of the structure of the potential of the individual. The basic approaches of psychological science to the understanding of the potential sphere of the personality and its connection with the basic personal and social characteristics are revealed. In science, there is no single approach to the semantic filling of the category of "potential": human capacity includes ability to work, ability to work, special abilities, activity and practical experience, ontogenetic reflexion, temporal organization of personality, peculiarities of its psychological health. A separate place is the study of individual psychological and socio-psychological resources in the structure of the personality potential. In the context of the study, the adaptive potential is considered as a complex system of psychological, socio-psychological and psychological properties and qualities that are actualized by the individual to create and implement new behavioral programs in changed conditions of life. There are three separated levels of interaction of adaptation directions: individual, personal and behavioral. The individual level reflects the natural layer of the psychological properties of the individual as the basis for the development of character and personality development, and the differential and holistic influence of personal psychological properties on the psychological peculiarities of the adaptive potential, reproduced in the form of volitional, emotional, self-actualizing and physical potentials, is considered on a personal level. Influence of the personal level on behavioral, demonstrates the result of the manifestation and development of certain potentials on socio-psychological peculiarities


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