Development of electronic healthcare in Kazakhstan as a factor of improving the quality of medical services

Keywords: healthcare; information technologies; medical information technologies; digitalization of healthcare; e-health.


The relevance of the article is determined by the priority of the task of improving the quality and availability of medical care to the population, improving medical education and the health care management system, in the context of the systemic implementation of e-health technologies. According to WHO terminology, e-health involves the use of information and communication technologies not only in the health care system, but also covers public health, health management, financial and economic, educational and scientific aspects related to this area. The article deals with the development of digital health care in Kazakhstan, the pace of development of which allows us to predict with confidence the intensive development of smart medicine in the future. The main stages of digitalization of health care were considered, while the main trends that characterize the features and problems of its development at the present stage were highlighted. It is expected that the introduction of information communication technologies into the health care system will allow a new level of quality of medical care provided to the population. The introduction of e-health technologies will allow remote monitoring of the population, increase patient awareness, improve access to health care, especially in remote areas.


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