Formation of entrepreneurial skills as a component of professional training of future teachers

  • K. Butenova IneU
  • G. Tazhenova PSPU
Keywords: startup; project-based learning; traditions; entrepreneurial skills; entrepreneurial thinking; students; high school; future teachers.


In the article, the authors put forward the idea that the formation of entrepreneurial skills is a conscious need for which a new philosophy of professional pedagogical education is being built. Considering the socio-cultural activities as a factor in the development of university traditions, the authors propose to use it in teaching future teachers. Examples of such traditions, their types, and forms are given, and their influence on the formation of a student’s professional characteristics is also considered. Startup becomes a new socio-cultural tradition in higher education. Identified and described features of the organization. Conclusions are drawn regarding the role of the teacher in shaping the entrepreneurial thinking of future teachers.


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