The concept of diversity of workforce in globalization

  • K. Goletiani Batumi Navigation Teaching University
Keywords: management, administrative decisions, professionalism, workforce.


In the modern epoch, under the diversity of the workforce, management needs to be able to improve the competencies of the management level that form and shape a comprehensive government contingency on cultural changes and diversity. It is not surprising if we critically look at people and process management in different countries, we find that in terms of the diversity of the workforce it is necessary to have a thorough knowledge of professional, religious and cultural variables affecting management functions and administrative decisions. In the modern world, a great deal of attention is paid to the professionalism of the employee and their emotional intellect, because the emotional mood of the employee is directly proportionate to the final result, employers are trying to make the working environment as much as possible on a wide variety of worforce. Emotional intellect, is the sort of summary of individual skills that shape the personality. Nowadays it is used in the selection process of personnel. However, we must take into account that tests are not a panacea and we need to make complex steps to get the desired results. Our objective is to get familiar with literary sources, make recommendations and managing decisions based on a specific situation.


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