Formation of the balanced labor market of the republic of Kazakhstan: problems and solutions

Keywords: labor; labor market; demand and supply; employer; employees; unemployment; education.


The main tendency of the contemporary labor market is the structural unbalance of the existing volume and quality of educational potential to the pattern of demand, presented by employers. It becomes apparent not only in structural unemployment, but also in significant retardation of educational sphere development level from the real needs of the labor market. The necessity for staff training in new specialties and updating of actual education programs are conditioned by the fact, that this will promote the raise of economic competitiveness and keep the high and stable rate of growth. For successful work in creation and promotion of the innovations to production and increase of innovative activity, it is necessary to prepare the staff for the innovation sector, including the technical specialists with modern instruments. One of the vital problems of the existing education is revealed in unbalance of the level of specialists, graduated from universities, to the needs of society and the dynamics of its development. The solution of this problem will be promoted by the integration of education with the companies, participating in specialist training by means of field trips organization and execution of innovative projects together with the universities.


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