Leadership potential of the manager of the management team of the state fiscal service

  • O. Nagorichna University of State Fiscal Service of Ukraine
  • S. Kapitanets University of State Fiscal Service of Ukraine
Keywords: management team; leadership potential; charismatic manager; fiscal service; management of SFS.


The problem of improving the administrative component of the fiscal service in the context of its reform is raised in the article. It is pointed out the importance and necessity of forming a team of officials capable of ensuring the productivity, feasibility and effectiveness of implementing quality solutions for solving tax and customs problems. It has been determined that the effectiveness of a management team is determined by the ability of the manager to exercise his or her authority, that is, the ability to use the existing leader's potential, as well as the desire and ability to develop it. The types of organizations and stages of management team development are shown. The key leadership qualities and features of the manager of the management team are determined; the importance of developing the leadership potential of the head of the fiscal service in the context of institutional changes has been proved. The authors of the study found that the work performed by a management team professionally managed by a charismatic leader could give the necessary effect and ensure the subsequent transition of the fiscal service to a new level of organizational development in the status of separate full tax and fiscal services.


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