Contemporary problems of pedagogical interaction of the class teacher with parents

  • A. Satynskaya Innovative University of Eurasia
  • Sh. Kolumayeva Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai
Keywords: upbringing; pedagogical interaction; the family; the cooperation of family and school.


The article describes some of the forms and methods of work of the class teacher with parents. Family and school education is carried out in an indissoluble unity.  Family as a part environment of educating and developing students of class. Modern science emphasizes the priority of the family in raising a child, which is manifested in a variety of forms of influence, in the continuity and duration of the latter, in the range of values that assigns a person growing up. But not all families fully implement the whole complex of educational opportunities the impact on the child. In the context of the growing material and social stratification of society, the work with the family should be given particular importance. Recognition of the priority of family upbringing assumes building a specific relationship between family and school. Cooperation of family and school in the upbringing of students is one of the ways to improve family upbringing of children. The interaction objectives it is formation of an active pedagogical position of the parents, assisting the parents in mastering with pedagogical knowledge and skills, active participation of parents in the upbringing of children.


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